Game Nights / Events

Games provide a crucial forum for learning and growing. And let's face it — they're lots of fun! Hosting a game day or night at your school or organization is easy with the help of The Learning Bug.

The Learning Bug carries dozens of fun games for all ages and interests, and our play before you buy policy means we have demos of our games ready to enjoy.

Most can be explained in less than a minute. We've played all the games, so we know the rules. That means your guests will be up and winning in no time.

Step-by-step Guide for Hosting Your Game Night:

  1. Contact The Learning Bug to check our availability and to let us know about your event.
  2. Choose a date and time. We suggest an early evening during the week. Plan a date at least four weeks away so you have time to let everyone know about the fun.
  3. Choose a location. You'll need room for several tables with chairs.
  4. Plan any other aspects of the event. For example will you have food or music? Will you have prizes for the winners?
  5. Send out invitations about 4 weeks prior to the event.
  6. Send out a reminder one or two weeks before the event date.
  7. Set up the tables and chairs on the date of the event.
  8. We'll arrive to set up about 1 hour before guests arrive.
  9. HAVE FUN!

And one more thing.... This is not a high pressure sales event for us. We support game nights because they're good for families and friends. We love games and we love teaching people new games. We bring only our open box demos (not for sale). Hopefully your guests will enjoy the games, and perhaps they'll discover a new family favorite.