Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss™ Lesson Plans: Week 1

Reading Dr. Seuss is a great way to introduce literacy to young learners. His books are fun to read and coordinate great with many fun themes. Use these ideas for a daily dose of Dr. Seuss for two weeks. At the end of the schedule, each child will have a fantastic art project to take home.

Dr. Seuss Lesson plan sample project

Here's a sample of the finished artwork after all ten lessons.

MONDAY: My Many Colored Days

Talk about different emotions. Demonstrate different emotional faces and have the children mimic your face. Then make a face and have the children identify the emotion you are showing.

Give each child a sheet of 12x18 white construction paper. Have them collage different colors of bleeding tissue on the paper. Allow the papers to dry overnight.

TUESDAY: Horton Hears a Who

Before class, glue a small bead on a cotton-ball. Glue a piece of green yarn on the cotton-ball for a stem. The cotton-ball represents the flower, and the bead represents the speck that the Whos live on.

Read Horton Hears a Who before recess. Hold up your flower and tell the class you're going to set it on the table during recess. While the class is outside, hide the cotton-ball in one of your centers. When the class returns, exclaim that Vlad Vlad-i-koff has taken the Whos! Give the students clues to help them find the flower. Take advantage of your print rich classroom with clues like "let's look in the center that starts with an S."

Once the class finds the flower, help them make their own flower using a cotton-ball, a bead, and green yarn. Glue the flower to their paper from Monday. Paste or write the phrase "A person's a person, no matter how small" on the paper.

Set up a center for students to look at small things with a magnifying glass or microscope.

WEDNESDAY: 10 Apples Up On Top

Glue the child's picture on the lower left of the paper. Have the child choose a number between one and ten, and then have them paste the appropriate number of apple stickers or cut outs balanced on their head.

Write the number on the top apple.

Have apples for your snack.

Help each child try to balance something on their head.

THURSDAY: The Foot Book

Have each student stamp a footprint of each foot on white paper, or trace the child's foot. All students should use one color for the left foot, and a different color for the right foot. Cut out and glue the footprints on to the 12x18 paper.

Set all the papers out in a line, and note the pattern (yellow, blue, yellow, blue...) Count the total number of feet, and then skip-count the feet by two's.

In preparation for Friday, have each student bring - or choose from the classroom - a favorite small object.

FRIDAY: The Shape of Me and Other Stuff

Before class, prepare a silhouette of each object by projecting it's shadow on to black paper. Cut out the silhouette.

Set out three silhouettes and objects (with one correct match). Invite one child to find the silhouette that matches their object, and repeat with each child until all the matches are found. Have each child glue their silhouette to their paper.

At recess, have each child trace the shadow of a partner on the ground with sidewalk chalk.

5 more books in Week 2

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