Language Arts : Handwriting : Cursive

Upper Trad Cursive 1in stencil

Preschool to Grade 2

Upper Trad Cursive 1in stencil


Size: 1 in

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Language Arts : Handwriting : Cursive

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A Shcolastic teaching aid designed for beginning alphabet identification and handwriting instruction. School-Rite templates guide the properly angled pencil through each letter configuration, forcing the hand to lift where normal lift occurs in the handwriting sequence. School-Rite handwriting guides give practice in correctly forming the contour of each letter, coordinating eye and hand movement, building fine motor control and developing standard stroke patterns.

Recommended by leading educators, they fascinate children and help make the introduction of handwriting an exciting experience.

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Place Value Battle Game

Teach Place Value

Author: The Learning Bug

Teach place value and reinforce the skills needed to compare two numbers with this addictive and fast-moving game.

You'll need one set of place value dice for each player.

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