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Numbers 1-31 Wipe-Off Cards

Preschool to Grade 1

Numbers 1-31 Wipe-Off Cards


Size: Flash Cards 8 ounces

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Math : Number Sense

T-28102 — TREND enterprises, Inc.

Card fronts: introduce basic skills with hands-on practice. Numbers, number value concepts, and numeral formation.

Card backs: feature a variety of game-like activities for skill reinforcement and mastery. Individual cards make it easy to adapt lessons: start with one card, then add more as abilities grow. For homes, classrooms, clidcare centers, before and after school programs, and travel.

  • Aligns with learning standards
  • Durable and reusable
  • 32 two-sided cards 4½ x 6½ inches
  • Sturdy storage box

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Ten Frame Jumbo Flash Cards

Author: The Learning Bug

Use these ten frame flash cards to illustrate the various ways students can combine numbers to form 10.

Students can form number sentences like 1+9=10 or 4+6=10. The cards can also be used to illustrate number sentences like 2+6=8. Number sentences that involve regrouping can also be shown such as 8+3=11.

Use the blank frame (0) with students and have them arrange number bonds with manipulatives or counters.

Print the cards double sided so that the front of each card has a frame illustration, and the reverse side has a single numeral and number sentence. For example, pages 1 and 2 go together, pages 3 and 4 go together, pages 5 and 6 go together, etc.

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