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Dr. Seuss Extra Wide trim

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Dr. Seuss Extra Wide trim


Size: 37 feet 6 ounces

Available: 1

Decoratives : Border : Die Cut edges

EU845077 — Eureka

Surround your bulletin board, windows, or doors with Dr Seuss!

The extra wide border, with specially die-cut edges gives your display a custom-designer look.

37 feet per package. Extra wide border is about 3¼" wide.

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Read Across America Day is March 2nd. Celebrate with Dr. Seuss and The Cat in the Hat.

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Alphabet Border Match

Learn to sequence the alphabet

Author: Michelle Despain

Match the pieces to the borderLearning the alphabet is a snap with this photographic border.

Keep at least one strip of the alphabet border intact. Cut a few of the strips into segments (A-H, I-P, Q-Z for example). Cut at least one strip into individual letters.

Have students put the letter pieces or chunks into the correct order. Have more experienced students sequence the alphabet cut into individual letters.

You can also cut the border into three pieces for each letter letter, photo, and word and play a matching game.

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